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My name is Yari Francesco Fontana and I was born in Feltre, a town of the province of Belluno. I began to form me attending the art school in Treviso and then I attended the European Institute of Design, where I specialized in automotive. During the study I did some internships in the design industry.
In 2003 I obtain a full-time job in Stile Bertone s.p.a., an important Italian automobile company specialized in car styling.
In 2008, after almost five years of experience in cardesigning, I moved to Varese and I started to work for MV Augusta, which is famous for its high performance motorcycles.
Since January 2012 I am part of TorinoCrea Engineering, a small company with fully-opened eyes on the world of design.
I am also passionate about mechanics, electronics and informatics.

Ultimately, I’m going to list here below the softwares I normally use. I’m going to add other softwares once I’ll have finished their testing process.