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A warm welcome to all the visitors on my personal website. I created it with the purpose of the sharing my ideas with you and I hope you’ll do the same and help me to create a sort of melting pot of ideas.
My name is Yari Francesco Fontana and I was born in Feltre, a town of the province of Belluno. I began to form me attending the art school in Treviso and then I attended the European Institute of Design, where I specialized in automotive. During the study I did some internships in the design industry.
In 2003 I obtain a full-time job in Stile Bertone s.p.a., an important Italian automobile company specialized in car styling.
In 2008, after almost five years of experience in cardesigning, I moved to Varese and I started to work for MV Augusta, which is famous for its high performance motorcycles.
Since January 2012 I am part of TorinoCrea Engineering, a small company with fully-opened eyes on the world of design.
Currently from 2015 I’m employed like a senior external designers in Jaguar Land Rover to SVO in UK.
I am also passionate about mechanics, electronics and informatics.
The robot pictured here is called Viktor, whom I’ve given the features of an android. He’s going to be your virtual guide to the site.
I wish you a pleasant journey.